Just like nature intended


Our favorites

Homemade Essential Oil body bars

Our body bars are made with the bare minimal ingredients to give you that clean feeling after you shower or bathe.

Nature's essential oils Scented Candles

Our candles are made exclusively from soy wax and we use hemp wicks to provide the most natural candles possible. Our scents come from natural essential oils, there are no perfume type fragrances used... EVER !!!

Naturally Simple

At Papa Stan's Soaps and Candles, we strive to make the best soaps and candles with the least amount of ingredients. All of our ingredients are all natural and have been blended in just the right amounts to provide the best clean that you have ever had. We hope that you enjoy our relaxing aromas and smooth lather from our soaps. In our candles, we hope that you enjoy the relaxing scents that we have used and long-burning candles without all the smoke that some candles put off.

Naomi, Oskaloosa

Jacob and I love buying vegan soap from Stan!